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Explore the Eastern Continent

Streams flow gently down the valley; mountains rise proudly from the ground. Clouds come down, and drizzle descends; twilight merges, and a long night begins. Unruly soldiers shall be ruined; haughty hunters could be hunted. The state of the battle is unpredictable like the weather, and no one can prevail forever. All of these happen in the 64 kilometers’ simulation world; come to explore before it’s too late!

Create Everything from Scratch

Craft your armors to wear, sow your seeds to reap, tame your horses to ride, and summon your followers to fight. This sandbox adventure empowers you with total freedom to bring your creativity and imagination into full play.

Start your Epic Journey

Interested in bitter hand-to-hand combat? More than one hundred weapons are at your command—— Choose your favorite and fight your way out!Facing a city that refuses to surrender? A variety of ingenious siege weapons are waiting for your order——Put out the best formation and smash their doors open.Harassed by an enemy from farther away? Show your deep understanding of logistics, and an army marching on its stomach is sure to beat the hungry.Be you a charging warrior, a resourceful commander, or a charismatic leader; this true-to-life ancient battlefield is yours.

Travel on horseback, become a master rider

Find and tame quality horses in the wild, and breed outstanding pedigrees to fill up your stables. Create a lineup of horses that will make you invincible on the battlefield.

Write your Own Legend

You have 16 stairs climb to nobility, 25 developing directions to proceed, hundreds of achievements to claim, and arts of war to grasp. Do you want to be a bloodthirsty warlord —— slaughter enemies and annex their field, expand your territories and take the crown?Or a peaceful master—— plant seeds and harvest your pleasure, create buildings and embrace the wonder?Whatever you want to be, Myth of Empires has everything prepared for you.

The Eastern Continent

Open Sandbox

War of Cold Steel

Horseback Expedition

Personal Growth

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The open flatlands are rich in plant resources, low level animals and NPCs. The terrain here is easy to navigate, it is the perfect training place for beginners, but it can be difficult to hide your base here.


Plagued with Miasma and venomous bugs, this kind of wetland is one of the most dangerous habitats in the world. However, the availability of bugs and high level plant resources here makes this place a popular destination for explorers. Bring a censer, at least then you can breathe.


Extremely rich in fauna and flora. The thick vegetation makes riding and vehicle travel difficult, but it does make hiding easy, which is why this can be an ideal location for beginners.


In the snow covered land of the extreme cold, where only Fir Trees can survive the blizzards. The mines here contain the most precious mineral resources in the world. Pay attention to keeping warm when you exploring here.


An extremely hot arid region, only Poplar Trees and a few shrubs grow here. The False Daisy is a precious plant that is unique to this habitat. Remember to bring an Ice Container to cool down and beware of dust storms.


Although the mountains make transportation difficult, they can become a natural barrier of defense. With relatively rich resources, they can meet the daily needs of novice players and can become a very popular area.