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date: 04/13/22

Myth of Empires S1 Season Server Settings

Myth of Empires S1 Season Server Settings

With the upcoming season server event, we are here to announce some of the specific server settings of the S1 season server. These server settings will include both fixed multipliers and dynamic multipliers. Meanwhile, the first batch of S1 season servers will have 3 prefectures, 16 PVP counties which contains 8 Asia servers, 4 NA servers, and 4 EU servers. All of these servers will have separate markets and they are not connected to official game servers. The S1 will last 60 days and it starts at 16:00 April 14 GMT.

All of these multipliers down below are compared to official game servers. For example, the multipliers on Boundary Marker's Resource Levying rate is 5~10. The multipliers will start at 5 and gradually increase to 10 at the very end of the season. The craft speed and repair speed are 5. That means this multiplier is fixed and will not change along with the season.   


I - Character growth rate, especially the proficiency rate

Starting Character Recipe Points: 50 points
Starting Character Comprehension Points: 50 points
Character XP gaining multipliers: 3-15
Character non-battle proficiency: 10-50
Character battle proficiency: 27-67
Copper coins needed for skills upgrade lowered: 5
Server level growth rate: 3
Treasure map cooldown: 24 min
PS. Deleting characters above level 40 will trigger a 6-hour cool down to delete the second character.


II - Buildings and Boundary Markers, collect more copper coins at the boundary marker

Building decay rate: 2
Time needed for Boundary Marker to level up: 5-10
The maximum duration for Boundary Marker’s weekly protection: 132 hours
The maximum amount of Boundary Marker’s resource collection: 5-10


III - Resource and crafting. Craft speed and repair speed will be 5 times faster

Character and Creatures’ carry weight: 2-3
Wood, Mineral, Animal resources produce rate: 3-15
Craft and Repair speed: 5
Copper coins drop rate: 3
Resource from mining shaft and collection output: 5
Resource from planting: 2-5
Resource from raising and feeding animals: 3-6
Resource from Silk Moth: 10
Hostility: 2


IV - Warriors and horses, taming speed can reach 15

Taming speed: 5-15
Warriors and horses’ leveling up speed: 2-5
Warriors and horses’ respawn speed: 5
Growth rate for foals: 3
Dragon pattern’s respawn speed: 5


V - Guilds and Alliances. Activity points multipliers can reach 30

Guilds’ Activity points limit: 8-30
Guilds’ Activity points efficiency: 8-30
Maximum numbers of guilds to form an alliance: 3
Maximum number of members in a Guild: 30


VI - Cross-server related features, Proficiency levels, and character levels will be available based on the days of season servers started


1. Day 1 to 3: Players will not be able to cross-server, Max character level 45. Proficiency 750, Buildings will take 90% less damage;
2. Day 3 to 7: Players can not cross servers. Max character level 45, proficiency 750;
3. Day 7 to 15: Players can cross servers within the same prefectures;
4. All restrictions will be removed after 16 days.


VII - S1 special event: “Evergreen” and “Kongming Lantern”

Both events will start on Day 3

1. Evergreen: players can purchase the item Evergreen from the guild shop. It can be used for blessing and acquiring 3x Blessing Gift Boxes. ( the blessing gift box will have a chance to give you Art of strategy, Art of war, proficiency levels, etc.)

2. Kongming Lantern: During the nights, some Kongming Lanterns will slowly appear in 6 neutral NPC camping sites. Obtain the lantern and have a chance to get Art of War, Art of Strategy, honor, proficiency, etc.


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