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date: 06/07/24

Myth of Empires - Greece DLC Special Weapons Sneak Peek

Dear players,


In previous Greece DLC sneak peeks, we gave you a look at some of the armor, buildings, workbenches, and instruments that will be making their debut when the DLC launches later this year. In this sneak peek, we’ll show you the concept art for some of the DLC’s craftable special weapons.



Let’s start by taking a look at the Epsilon Axe. Named for the Greek letter which it resembles, this lightweight one-handed iron weapon allows its wielder to attack with great frequency, and pairs well with light shields. This combination is sure to be a popular choice on mid-game battlefields.



Next up is the Mycenaean Rapier, a long and slender double-edged sword crafted by Achaean artisans. This large two-handed blade not only possesses tremendous cutting power, it is said to be effective even against enemies wearing strong armor. Its only downside is that it is somewhat cumbersome to wield.



Finally, the Tauros, a one-handed blunt weapon made of meteoric iron. Its intimidating taurine head, spiked hammer tail, and hoof-shaped handle are striking enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone unfortunate enough to face it on the battlefield. Its sheer brute force is enough to crush the skull of an enemy, even one wearing a helmet. This weapon will make a fine choice for any player seeking to inflict armor-piercing damage in late game battles. 



The Myth of Empires Greece DLC is expected to be released around July of this year. Players are welcome to share their ideas and feedback regarding future development content in our official communities and forums.