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date: 05/31/24

Myth of Empires - Greece DLC Instruments and Armor Station Sneak Peek

In past editions of the Myth of Empires Greece DLC dev logs, we’ve shown off some of the concept art for the armor, weapons, and buildings that will be making their debut when the DLC launches later this year. Today, we’d like to give you a preview of some of the instruments that will be featured in the DLC, as well as a special storage box and a construction bench.



Let’s start by taking a look at two of the instruments, namely the aulos and the lyre. The aulos, originating from Anatolia, was one of ancient Greece’s earliest instruments. It is also one of the oldest double-reed instruments in the world, consisting of two reed pipes arranged in a V-shape, and was commonly used in religious ceremonies and musical performances. The lyre, also originating from ancient Greece, is one of the earliest-known plucked string instruments in the Western world. It consists of a resonating chamber, a long neck, and some strings. When the Myth of Empires Greece DLC launches, you will find these instruments faithfully recreated for you to play, along with other instruments we have yet to announce.



Next, we have Pandora’s Box. The ancient Greek legend of Pandora’s Box tells of the often disastrous consequences of human curiosity and greed, and serves as a warning against recklessness. In Myth of Empires, Pandora’s Box can be used to store items, but much like the myth of yore, this Pandora’s Box will also curse those who try to open without authorization.



The Greek Advanced Armor Station emphasizes practicality and function. Firstly, it integrates all of the functions of a Tailoring Bench and an Advanced Armor Bench. Secondly, it can handle multiple crafting queues simultaneously, reducing the footprint of the workbench and greatly improving the efficiency of armor production.



The Myth of Empires Greece DLC is expected to be released in July of this year. Players are welcome to share their ideas and feedback regarding future development content in our official communities and forums.