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date: 05/24/24

Myth of Empires Season 1 Begins May 25!

The release of the global season servers for Myth of Empires V1.0 is upon us, with Season 1 launching on May 25 at 14:00 UTC! This season is planned to last 2 months, with the season coming to a close on July 29 at 00:00 UTC. All seasonal servers will be non-region-locked PVP servers.


At the same time, Myth of Empires will be taking part in Steam’s Open World Survival Crafting Fest! From May 28 through June 4, Myth of Empires and all of its DLC will be 30% off, with some of the skin Blind Boxes on sale for 10% off!


This will be the first season since the game’s full release. Season 1’s Seasonal Servers will feature the following adjustments to gameplay:

  1. Faster Character Growth. On the Seasonal Servers, characters will develop more quickly. Resource collection rates, Proficiency and Honor acquisition rates, taming speed, maximum Guild Activity, and Carrying Capacity will all be significantly boosted, while the amount of Copper Coins required for Expertise breakthrough, the time required to craft items, and the time required for horses to revive have all been significantly reduced. In addition, equipped items and items carried in the shortcut bar will not drop when a character dies, but will instead suffer a 10% reduction in Durability, making the character development process easier for players.
  2. Phased Protection. For the first week, there will be a 90% reduction in building damage. For the first two weeks, the level cap will be set to Level 45. For the four weeks, Mangonels and ballista-type siege weapons will only deal 25% damage, but will begin dealing 100% of their normal damage starting in Week 5. Boundary Markers will offer longer protection times on Seasonal Servers, but toward the end of the season, the positions of Boundary Markers will be displayed on each county’s map. These measures are designed to offer a certain degree of protection for players in the early period of the season, balancing character development and ensuring that the battlefield competitions that will occur in the later stages of the season will be more fair.
  3. Weapon and Siege Weapon Balances. Battering Rams will deal significantly more damage, and the Durability losses they suffer when attacking will be reduced. The Durability loss suffered by offensive weapons attached to elephant and rhino saddles will be reduced as well. Heavy Ballistas and Simple Ballistas will not have 100% accuracy when operated by NPC warriors. Certain normal-quality weapons and armor, Art of War Gift Boxes, Construction Blueprints, Abrasives, Quenchants, and Molotov Cocktails will all be available for purchase at the Guild Shop using Copper Coins. These balances are aimed at encouraging players to participate in the intense battles sure to occur in the later stages of the season!
  4. A Plethora of Season Rewards. For this season, we have expanded the number of guilds that can join a single alliance, while limiting the total alliance member limit to 50 players. When the season ends, guilds that have earned 250,000 Season Points will earn skins, with the top 10 guilds receiving exclusive skins. Contribution earned during the season can be exchanged for related items at Guild Shops on non-Seasonal Servers. In contrast to previous seasons during the Early Access period, at the end of this season, players will be able to choose one hero and one mount to keep for use in the following season (though players will need to reach a certain level to do this).

Here are the detailed settings for Season 1 servers: