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date: 05/17/24

Myth of Empires Season 1 Launches 5/25!

Dear players,

We are thrilled to announce that Season 1 of Myth of Empires V1.0’s global seasonal servers will launch on May 25 at 14:00 UTC and end on July 29 at midnight. All seasonal servers will be non-region-locked PVP servers. Prior to the launch of Season 1, from May 18 at midnight until May 20, we will be holding Double Proficiency events for both characters and warriors on Classic Era, New Era, and Jade Era servers.

How will the seasonal servers differ from the servers already in the game? Seasonal servers offer four major gameplay changes:

Faster Growth, Less Grind

Compared to the seasonal servers previously available in the Early Access version of the game, character progress on the seasonal servers in V1.0 will be quicker and smoother. New characters will start with Comprehension and Recipe Points. Upon death, equipped armor and weapons will not drop, instead suffering a slight Durability loss. Basic resource production, taming speed, breeding speed, Honor, and Guild Activity will all be boosted, and these boosts will only increase as the season progresses. Skill Books will not be required to unlock new skills. Combat Proficiency will automatically increase along with your character’s level. Honor will be easier to acquire. Finally, Copper Coins obtained from NPCs and resource taxation will be increased as well.


 A Smoother Experience

For the first week, there will be a 90% reduction in building damage. For the first two weeks, the level cap will be set to Level 45. For the first month, certain siege equipment will have reduced damage. These restrictions will be lifted as they expire. These limitations are designed to help alleviate the issue of excessive early development leading to over-powered forces gaining an unbeatable advantage. They provide better early protection and lay the foundation for more evenly-matched battlefield competitions in the later stages.


Weapon and Siege Balancing

We have also made some adjustments to weapons and siege equipment to make combat more balanced. Certain siege weapons will have significantly reduced damage for the first month, while the damage of Battering Rams will be boosted. Shields, the damage of ranged weapons, and the usefulness of certain mounts on battlefields have all been enhanced, while Heavy Ballistas and ballistas powered by warriors are no longer guaranteed hits. In addition, more useful items will be available for purchase using Copper Coins at the Guild Shop.


Season Points and Rewards

We’ve also made some adjustments to the ways that seasonal rewards are calculated. Season Points can be exchanged for items when the following season begins. Guilds that receive 250,000 Season Points will earn skins, with the top 10 guilds receiving exclusive skins. Contribution earned at the end of the season can be exchanged for related items on non-seasonal servers. In contrast to previous seasons, at the end of this season, players will be able to choose one hero and one mount to keep for use in the following season.


That’s all we have to share about Season 1 for now. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share it with us on official communities!