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date: 05/10/24

Myth of Empires - Greece Work Benches and Weapons Sneak Peek

We’ve shown off a lot of concept art from Myth of Empires’ upcoming Greece DLC, including armor sets of the wooden, steel, and meteoric iron tiers, as well as building designs. In today’s dev log, we’re going to show you some of the weapons that will be released with the DLC, as well as a new workstation.


The workstations in the Greece DLC not only have unique models, some of them even have expanded functionality; for instance, the previously-showcased furnace allows for players to carry out multiple smelting tasks at once, greatly increasing efficiency. Likewise, the Advanced Weapon Forge featured today can forge multiple weapons at once. This will not only allow for increased efficiency, it will also free up space, as players will not need to construct as many redundant workstations in their base.


The DLC will also feature a new way to subdue warriors: the Brazen Bull. According to historical records, this torture device, invented by Perilaus of Athens, was made of bronze and resembled a bull in both size and shape. Prisoners would be placed inside the hollow cavity in its center, then roasted alive as a form of punishment. In the Greece DLC, this cruel instrument has been faithfully recreated by our development team in form, though it differs slightly in function, being used to subdue NPCs rather than execute them outright.


Finally, here is a look at a couple of the weapons that will be appearing in the DLC: the Kopis one-handed sword and the light shield. The lightweight design of the Kopis sword increases the frequency of its attacks, while the notched design of the light shield enhances its effectiveness when used in combination with a spear or other one-handed weapons.


The Myth of Empires Greece DLC is expected to be released around July of this year. Players are welcome to share their ideas and feedback regarding future development content in our official communities and forums.