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date: 04/30/24

Myth of Empires - New Building and Horse Armor Skins

Dear players,


The Gilded Series of building skins as well as new mount armor and saddle skins will launch on April 30th! 



Compared to the relatively simple architectural style of most buildings already in the game, the Gilded series of building skins employs Nanmu wood and metal as the main materials, with gold ornamentation, bronze decorations, and other flourishes prominently featured. These skins will give your buildings an exquisite aesthetic appearance. This series includes over 20 items, including gates, walls, foundations, ceilings, pillars, doors, and more. All of the skins in this series are red quality.



The new mount equipment skins include both armor and saddles. This release includes the Warlord, Shadow, Golden Beast, and Soaring Dragon armor/saddle pairs. Their design is based on the appearances of several famous historical generals, including Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, and Sun Ce. Equip your mounts with these skins, then strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as you ride into battle. 


These skins will go live on April 30. Interested players can purchase their corresponding Blind Boxes to obtain them.