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date: 04/26/24

Greece Meteoric Iron Armor and Furnace Sneak Peek

Since its V1.0 release, Myth of Empires has received enthusiastic attention from players like you worldwide. The recent release of the game’s Jade Era servers have also received attention, due to their more balanced server settings. Thank you for the support!


In today’s edition of our ongoing dev log series, we’re going to show off some of the content that will be debuting in the anticipated Greece DLC coming later this year, specifically the Meteoric Iron Armor sets, as well as a new furnace. Let’s dig in!

The Meteoric Iron Armor sets will appear in Myth of Empires as new crafting recipes. Building on the quintessential characteristics of the Greek civilization, we have performed our own higher-dimensional artistic treatment. The combination of materials used highlights the armor’s texture with a rich golden color, while the intricate and complexly detailed patterns bring it in line with the other top-quality armor sets featured in the game.



In addition, the Greece DLC will also feature a new furnace with a strong Greek style. As the primary structure used to process materials for various item recipes, the furnace plays an essential role in the game. In the Greece DLC, the Greek furnace has a more elaborate appearance, while still retaining the structure’s integral smelting function. It features rich color combinations, exquisite decorative patterns, a luxurious roof, and symbolic sculptures.


The Myth of Empires Greece DLC is expected to be released in July of this year. Players are welcome to share their ideas and feedback regarding future development content in our official communities and forums.