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date: 03/21/24

Myth of Empires Greece DLC Dev Log 1 – Armor Sneak Peek

Dear players,


Thank you all for your enthusiastic support of Myth of Empires! Over the coming months, we plan to show off some of the art and models of the upcoming Greek and Persian civilizations currently under development for the game. At the same time, we sincerely invite you to share your interesting gameplay ideas and suggestions with us on our official communities and forums. Let’s work together to expand the world of Myth of Empires!


In this dev log, we will show you some of the armor that we’ve started work on for the Greek civilization. These armor sets will be presented in the form of new recipes that will make their debut in-game along with new weapon recipes and other content when the Greece DLC is released.

The armor of the Greek civilization in Myth of Empires will be made of different materials, including wood, bronze, iron, and black iron. Like the rest of the armor in the game, we have extensively referred to historical documents to realistically draw out the essence of the ancient Greeks, while still retaining a style befitting our game.


Wooden Armor: Wooden armor was one of the earliest forms of armor used by Greek warriors. It was usually made of thick wooden boards that were intricately carved and decorated. Although this armor is relatively simple, it does exhibit some of the creativity and innovation characteristic of Greek design.


Bronze Armor: This bronze armor is forged from thick bronze plates. The light armor variant provides protection to the head and limbs, while the heavy armor extends that protection to the chest and abdomen, providing more comprehensive defense for its wearer.


Iron Armor: With the advancement of smelting technology, iron gradually replaced bronze as the most common material used in the crafting of armor. Iron armor is stronger and more durable, providing soldiers with both better protection and more flexibility. This armor is also engraved on parts, reflecting the artistic flair of the ancient Greeks.


Black Iron Armor:  Black iron armor represents the pinnacle of Greek armor. Forged from rare black iron, it offers strong protection and is highly decorative. Its intricate designs express the glory and craftsmanship of the ancient Greeks.


The above armor sets are just part of how we plan to bring ancient Greece to life. You will also be able to explore and experience for yourself that most splendid of civilizations. When standing atop the Acropolis and looking off into the vast landscape, when strolling through an ancient seaside port, when riding chariots through the valleys, and when galloping into battle atop your trusty war horse, you will find yourself immersed in the long, winding river of history.


Join our official Discord at and stay tuned to official channels to receive all the latest news on the Greece DLC and all the civilizations that will be coming soon to Myth of Empires.