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date: 02/05/24

Myth of Empires V1.0 Extended Gameplay Trailer!

Myth of Empires V1.0 Extended Gameplay Trailer!

Hey everyone! We have been busy getting ready for the Myth of Empires V1.0 release on February 21, and we have a new trailer to share with you! This one’s three-and-a-half minutes long, so strap in!

Watch the trailer: [LINK]


Embark upon a new adventure on the free Dongzhou map

This trailer gives an exciting glimpse into the new Dongzhou map, which will be featured alongside the original map players experienced during Myth of Empires’ Early Access period. The new map is home to volcanoes, picturesque isles, sandy shores, ice floes, and bamboo forests. It also carries over the original map’s realistic day-night cycle, diverse ecosystems, and varied cultures of NPCs that have made the game such a hit among its devoted following.



Wage war by land, air, and sea

Myth of Empires V1.0 includes not only a large number of land-based vehicles of war such as siege wagons, ballistas, and catapults, it also adds gliders, giant sky lanterns, warships, and more. This opens up whole new domains to conquer and adds a wealth of new options to your burgeoning empire’s arsenal, but also makes combat more complex and challenging.


Myth of Empires’ unique system of administrative regions such as counties and commanderies gives the game an epic feel. Through cross-server battles and large-scale battlefields like County Battles, Prefecture Battles, and Fortress Battles, players expand their territory, hoping to etch their empire’s name in the annals of history. In the future, new Season Servers will be launched to provide an even richer variety and wealth of battlefields to the game.



Build your empire from the ground up

Myth of Empires features a variety of structures made of wood, clay, stone, and metal. These include more than ten types of structures that can be transformed to meet your design needs, such as foundations, walls, doors, windows, railings, pillars, roofs, and more. There are also different decorative items such as skins, lighting, and furniture to make you feel at home. Whether you want to build a modest farmhouse, a rustic town, or even a massive imperial city-state, Myth of Empires makes it possible.



1,300+ crafting recipes, with plenty of new additions

Myth of Empires has a wealth of crafting recipes, covering everything from structures, tools, work benches, equipment, and weapons, to taming implements and culinary instruments. V1.0 features new animal-powered, semi-automated production and warfare equipment. These new tools will further enhance your productivity and play a critical role in warfare. Use the animal-powered raft to travel rivers, sail warships to siege your enemies from the sea, soar through the air on giant sky lanterns, and wreak havoc with new ballistas. Additional new recipes will be coming in the future.



A menagerie of tameable beasts

Taming has always been one of the key features of Myth of Empires. In V1.0, animals now have new attributes that can be inherited and strengthened through breeding. In addition, Beast Lords can also be tamed to enhance your abilities in combat. Nearly all of the creatures in the world of Myth of Empires can be tamed to fight alongside you in battle, for transport, or to help you with resource collection and production.



More PVE gameplay

V1.0 enriches the game’s PVE content with classic musical instruments including the pan flute, guqin, and more, as well as servants who can dance for you. There are also plenty of new decorative items to adorn your palaces with. You can also simulate massive battles with new PVE siege training and bandit raids, or engage in sportsmanlike horse races with your friends.



New personal server modes and regional servers

In addition to official servers, Myth of Empires V1.0 also includes five personal server modes. These include solo mode, LAN, and online servers, featuring single servers and even server clusters. Players will be able to enjoy the game however they want. In addition to the Asian, North American, and European servers available in the Early Access version of the game, we are also adding official servers in the Oceania and South America regions, bringing everyone a smooth gaming experience.



A robust mod editor

Myth of Empires V1.0 features a mod editor. The possibilities are now endless! All modders are welcome.


Future development plans

New civilizations are coming! The end of the trailer hints at Persian, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations coming to Myth of Empires, with all of the new structures, weapons, tools, and equipment that entails. It’s never been a better time to be a fan of Myth of Empires!



See you on the battlefield, Commanders!

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