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date: 03/15/23

Myth of Empires Spring Event is COMING!

1. Store Discount

From 08:00 March 16 to 08:00 March 27 UTC, Myth of Empires will start the spring store discount. Items include GuanYu, PangTong, DiaoChan, XiaHoYuan, Huaxiong, and more character outfit blind boxes. Building skins, execution actions, and battle patterns will have a special event discount. Besides these, we will introduce a brand new building skin as well!


2. International edition sale

From 07:00 March 16 to 07:00 March 27 UTC, a single purchase of Myth of Empires international edition will be lowered from 29.99USD to 13.99USD, a triple purchase will be lowered from 89.97USD to 37.77USD!


3. Weekend Event

Myth of Empires will be holding a weekend event from 00:00 March 18 to 00:00 March 20 UTC.Mount and warriors taming speed will be doubled.Field harvest rate will be doubled.